Messe and Exhibitions

We handle all of your Messe and exhibitions work, storage, and event needs.
Let us remove the stress from your event organising schedule – so you can enjoy it!


Don’t move, We’ll Handle Everything

From setting up the stands to making the hall as you desire, let’s make the event you need. 


We ourselves organise Messe and ther type of exhibitions, and we can either do it for you or help you create the best event possible. 


From art exhibitions to any other type you wish. 


A complete event and fair concept, if you don’t have it we help you get it. 


We can help you arrange all kind of markets for your fair or event 

Indoor Events

From setting up a wedding to conference and other events we help you in everything 

Furniture Assembly

We can provide you with the best furnishing ideas fro your event. 

Stress-free exhibition

from start to finish

We help you from start to finish 

Get Excited for your event

The process is easy!


Tell us exactly what you need

In order to make the best event possible, let us know what you exactly need and how you want it done, and we make sure it does. 


We'll plan the perfect move for you

All arrangements for your event will be handled, and all decorations, all design and all furnishings will be in place as you wish them to be. 


Enjoy your event!

We will be available 24/7 from the event starts to its end, the best partner you can have to take down your stress. 

Our exhibitions and Messe

We organise and fulfil our own events, messe and exhibitions

Keep an eye on our website for more info 

You ask, we answer


If you are going to organise a Fair or Messe or event indoor or Outdoor we can help you organising, finding vendors or possible clients, making sure the whole event is as you desire, providing stands, tents, wooden huts, furnishings and more. We can arrange the whole set up of the event for you and help you with the kinds of information you may need if you are new. 
We can help you creating an online presence too with a website and online marketing made by our professionals. For more info contact us. 


If we are organising the event, we do everything from start to finish. 

It’s different from event to event, we advise to start the planning as soon as possible and giving it time to reassure everything can be put on place. 
For us at least 1 month before the event starts would be enough to arrange everything. 

It’s different from event to event, we rent all products and services on a good price, contact us and we find the best way for both. 



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