Rent & Sales of Wooden huts

DewsEvents is a Danish company working with events for over 12 years. 
We can provide you with rental or sale of quality wooden cabins suitable for all kind of big or small events. Learn more about all our services. 

Our Company

Christmas markets and more

We can organise a whole Christmas market for you, or if you have already the concept we can arrange all kind of sales huts for your event. 
Not Christmas markets but Festivals, City events, Oktoberfest, flea markets or concerts, we can help you getting the best out of your event, with sales huts were vendors can sale everything they want with no limits. 

The best events are made with passion and we are passionate about our clients 

Ghaffar Dews

Founder, CEO of Dewsevents 

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Rental possibilities

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Our Values

Wooden sales huts and cabins


Are you planning a new Festival in Europe, let us help you building up a small food court made of wooden huts 

Christmas markets

Our main Speciality, Christmas markets, we build your Christmas village fully decorated, let us chat about the possibilities 


A complete Messe and exhibition concept we can bring on the table. With some wooden huts too, we can make the messe look outstanding. 

City events

Any kind of city events, city parties or more, we can organise or help you organise your event bringing our huts and furnishings 

Private rental

Do you need a private sales hut placed somewhere in the city? let us make the arrangements. 


The famous Octoberfest can be done not only in Germany but in many places in the world, let us take a chat and talk about the possibilities. 

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Our Products

Committed to Quality

Wooden huts of different types to all type of events. Quality work 

Affordable prices

Our prices are affordable and always include offers special made for your event

Your perfect partner

As partners we do whatever it takes to make your event as good as possible.

Quality work

We work hard and make sure that quality is on place

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make sure you get what you want

Your event can be done will be our priority and we as partners will work hard to make the best out of your concept. 

DewsEvents has many years of experience in events and building up some of the best event cities in Europe, Christmas market or music Festival, we can help you get what you need.