About us

DewsEvents is an event company that specialises in city events.


DewsEvents started their journey back in 2007, we were working in small events, catering small events helping organisers getting more vendors and sometimes organising them ourselves. From small we became middle and from middle to an overmiddle company. We work and have worked together with different companies and municipalities across Europe where we have been active helping organisers and vendors getting the best event possible. 
Our main mission is to become one of the leading event companies in Europe providing different types of concepts and build up the best events for people across Europe. Our main hub is Denmark but we can easily move from country to country and bring with us our products and concepts. 

Our Company

Quality huts and other products

Our main products are wooden huts that we provide to organise any festival or market possible. Those huts can be used in order to have a music festival, Christmas market, Flea market, city event, concept events, Octoberfest and many more, only the imagination has limits. 

A good event need the best concept, the best concept needs the best quality, and the best quality you ‘ll get with quality products, and those we provide with proud. 

Ghaffar Dews

Founder, CEO of Dewsevents

The future

What we expect as company

Our future plans are to expand our wooden huts range and become the leading company providing new and best quality products and concepts for your event. 
Our plans from the coming years is to get new and best quality huts and sales cabins, more furnishings and more products to get events to the next level. 

Partners & Sponsors